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Ancient Coins

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Antique Roman Greek Artefacts Coins Bronze Silver $112.50
Lac Leo I (457-474 Ad) Ae - Uncertain Mint $39.00
Lucernae Maximianus I Large Follis. Lugdunum. B Plg. $80.00
Domitian 80ad Quality Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin Helmet Throne Nice $227.50
1097re) Valens Ae3, 364-367 Ad, Ae 17 Mm, 2.32 Grms, $30.00
Aurelian 274ad Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Concordia Harmony Agreement $130.00
Constantin The Great $5.99
Lucernae Beautiful M. Herennius Ar Den. M·herenni $200.00
Lucernae Attractive L. Appuleius Saturninus Ar Den. $180.00
Constantius $1.99
Valerian 257ad Milan Victoria Germanica Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Rare $78.00
Lucernae Very Attractive Publius Crepusius Ar Den. $155.00
Lac Commemorative Series (330 - 333 Ad) Ae - Trier $40.00
Byzantine Ancient Coin Countermark Counter Mark Archaeology $60.00
Lucernae Scarce & Nice D.junius Silanus Ar Denarius. $145.00
Theodosius Ii - 402-450 A.d. Late Roman Cef $2900.00
Ancient Roman Coin (1) $1.04
Lucernae Very Nice L & C Memmius Lf Galeria Ar Den. $140.00
Severina Wife Of Aurelian 275ad Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Concordia Harmony $162.50
★ Uncleaned Roman Coins ★ Lot Of 50 ★ Ancient Coins ★ Rome ★ Unsearched ★ $59.95
Claudius On Horseback 268ad Rare Quality Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin $146.25

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Fri Dec 19 2014

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