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Ancient Coins Celtic

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Ancient Celtic Finger Ring (size 10 1 4), 800-500bc, Danube Area $42.00
Celtic 800bc Bell Proto-money "coin" Ancient Artifact $132.00
Celtic Britain Corieltauvi Gold Stater "south Ferriby" $2499.00
Celtic Gaul Morini Quarter Gold Stater $499.00
Celtic Ambiani Gallic Belgic Gold Stater "biface" Type $1999.00
Ancient Celtic Money Ring C. 2nd Century Bc. $0.99
Celtic Danubian Celts Ar Tetradrachm $499.00
Celtic 800bc Ancient Authentic Genuine Ring Money Proto Coin Collection $110.00
Celtic Tetradrachm Imitating An Issue Of Thasos $399.00
Celtic 800bc Authentic Ancient Ring Money Proto Coin Lot Collection Rare $192.50
Bronze Celtic Coin Imitating Phillip Ii Of Macedon 537 $8.10
Celtic Senones Av Stater "globule à La Croix" $1299.00
Celtic Gauloise Massalia Tribes Rare Silver Obol (canton Pointé) 2thbc Xf $59.99
Celtic Bronze Proto-money Knobbed Ring, Rare $27.66
Ancient Celtic Finger Ring (size 7), 800-500bc, Danube Area $45.00
Celtic 800bc Authentic Genuine Ancient Ring Money Proto Coin Collection $99.00
Celtic 800bc Ancient Ring Money Proto Coin Collection $165.00
Philip Ii Celtic Ancient Authentic Rare Silver Coin Imitating Greek Coin Horse $68.75
Celtic Ar Tetradrachm Imitation Of A Tetradr Of Thasos $399.00
Authentic Bronze (22mm, 1.67g.) Celtic Ring Money, 800-500 Bc, Europe $16.00
Thick Authentic Bronze Celtic Ring Money, 800-500 Bc, Europe $8.00
Celtic Remi Electrum Quarter Stater $359.00
Geometric Engraved Celtic Roman Ring Size 9½ Ad250 $179.99
Celtic Corieltauvi Gold Stater "4 Domino Type" $1999.00
Best Price? Here Celtic Gauloise Massalia Tribes Silver Obol Iic Bc Xf $49.99
Celtic Britain Attebates & Regni Gold Quarter Stater $699.00
Ce-kwpt - North West Gaul, Lexovian, Ae Unit, C100-50bc $460.00
Celtic Gaul Senones Gold Quarter Stater $799.00
Eastern Europe, Imitations Of Thasos. Ar Tetradrachm $250.00
Huge Knobbed Celtic Proto Ring Money Currency 2212 $127.20
Ar Tetradrachm. Imitating Thasos. C.1st Century Bc. $350.00
Authentic Bronze Celtic Ring Money, 800-500 Bc, Europe $8.00
Celtic Britain Trinovantes Addedomares Gold Stater $2599.00

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Sat Dec 20 2014

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