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Ancient Coins Medieval

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Greek Coin $48.77
Cac Smpad, Copper Kardez, Horseman Cross, Lilies, 1296-1298 Ad $5.00
Cilitian Armenia. Levon Iv. 13th Cen. Ae Posh.(eb-2583) $55.00
Lac Messina Manfred (1258-1266) Denaro With Ap $49.00
Silver 1 2 Real Of Philip V-1.738-sevilla $73.00
Lac Brindisi Corrado Ii (1254-1258) Denaro - Large C $55.00
Crusader Billon Denier William Greece Coin Archaeology $150.00
Alsace, Strasbourg Billon Kreuzer 15-16th Cen (eb-2073) $60.00
Medieval Sweden Silver Solidus Coin $11.00
New Black Death Bubonic Plague Medieval Europe Ad1347 $22.99
Lac Gubbio Pope Clemens Xii (1730 - 1740) Quattrino $39.00
Lac Ravenna Anonymous Bishops (xiii Cent.) - Bi Denaro $39.00
Lac Pope Urban Viii (1623-1644) Quattrino With Holy Door $39.00
Hungary King Wladislaw Ii (1490-1516) Rare Silver Denar $24.99
Lac Germany - Schwšbisch-hall Stadt Handheller (xiv Cent.) Silver Hellea $35.00
Lac Venezia - Antonio Venier (ad 1382-1400) Bi Tornesello $35.00
Lac Messina Carlo D' Angio' (1266-1285) Denaro With Ka $65.00
Armenia. Smpad, 1296-1298 Ad. ∆ Pogh - Crusader Times Archaeology Coin. $39.99
Crusader Silver Coin $69.99
Armenia, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Smpad. 1296-1298. ∆ Crusader Times Archaeology $24.99
Armenia. Levon Ii. 1270-1289. ∆ Kardez. Ancient Coin Crusader Times Archaeology $24.99
Lac Islamic Dynasties - Umayyad (c. 680-690 Ad) Ae Fals Damascus Rare $90.00
Silver Ar 2 Denar Litewski Sigismund Ii Avgust 1570 $39.99
Cac Hetoum Ii, Copper Kardez, King's Head Patriarchal Cross, 1289-1293 Ad $5.00
Lac France Louis Xiv (1643-1715) Ar 10 Sols 1711 $199.00
Cac Levon Iii, Copper Kardez, King Seated Cross, 1301-1307 Ad $5.00
Vessica Bronze Seal Sceau Medieval Xiii Xiv Century $189.99
Hungary King Matthias Corvinus Rare Silver Denar $26.00
1965 Canada Silver Dollar Looks Very Nice Check It Out $24.59
Cac Oshin, Copper Pogh, King Enthroned Cross, 1307-1320 Ad $5.00
Lac Lucca Enrico Iii , Iv Or V (1035-1125) - Silver Denaro $55.00
Poland Ar Grosz Crowned Sigismund Iii 1624 Bydgoszcz $4.99
1962 Bedoukian Coinage Cilician Armenia First Edition Cilicia Armenian Rare $199.95
Rare Qirat, Ali (1106-1142) Tasfin, Al-moravides, Spain $34.05
Hungary King Louis Ii (lajos Ii) 1518 Rare Silver Denar $18.00
Bronze Kardez, Hetoum I (1226-1271), Cilician Armenia $40.00
Lac Italy Senate Of Rome (xiv Cent) Picciolo Roma - Holy Face $49.00
C.1589-1610 Henri Iv Of France Double Tournois $24.00
Old Hungary Rare Silver Denar Ii. Wladislaw 1490-1516 $59.99
Hungary King Matthias Ii 1613 Rare Silver Denar $19.99
Champagne Meaux Stephen Bishop Crusader Coin Archaeology $170.00
Lac Sassanian Empire Ar Drachm Khushru I (ad 531-579) $99.00

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