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USA Coins Dollars

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1881 S Silver Morgan Dollar. $31.23
1901-s Morgan Silver Dollar....no Reserve $28.25
1878- Morgan & 1882-o Morgan- 1st & 5th Year This Coin Was Minted Nice Pair $87.99
1898 Morgan Silver Dollar $32.99
1892 O Morgan Silver Dollar $50.00
★ 1881-o Morgan Silver Dollar Gem Bu Dmpl - Ms Coin ★ $295.00
1903-s Silver Morgan Dollar $325.00
1878 Cc Silver Morgan Dollar Rare Carson City $61.00
1882- Morgan Dollar- A Nice Quality Silver Dollar $36.99
(4) 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Silver Dollars - Circulated $3.99
1923-s Peace Dollar-xf $32.00
★ 1887-s Morgan Silver Dollar Gem Bu - Rare Ms Coin ★ $365.00
1883-s Morgan Dollar Fantastic Prooflike Coin #8 $417.99
1898-s Morgan Silver Dollar- Bu $199.00
1884 Cc Morgan Silver Dollar Gsa Hoard Ngc Ms 63 $250.00
★ 1888-o Morgan Silver Dollar Icg Ms65 - Rare Coin ★ $395.00
Estate Sale Lot #22 Silver Dollars Mixed Coins $150.00
1882 Cc Morgan Silver Dollar Gsa Hoard Ms "low Mintage" $172.50
(25) Eisenhower Ike Dollar All From 1970's $49.99
1923 Peace Dollar-bu- From Original Roll $38.00
1893-o Silver Morgan Dollar Rare $480.00
1888-s Morgan Dollar, Rare, Genuine, Super Low Price, No Problems $51.00
(8) Eisenhower Ike Bicentennia Dollar 1976 $19.99
1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Anacs Au55 $250.00
1878 S Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated $50.00
1925 Peace Dollar-bu $41.00
1878 Morgan Dollar Gem Bu Dmpl 8 Tail Feathers #1 $419.99
Estate Sale Lot # 21 Silver Dollars $140.00
(11) Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1979d $24.99
1878 Cc Silver Morgan Dollar $52.03
R6 Die Brake Vam 18a 1922-d Peace Liberty Silver Dollar United States Coin Coa $119.00
1885-s Morgan Silver Dollar- Vf $39.00
1879-s Morgan Silver Dollar Bu $74.99
1883 Cc Morgan Silver Dollar Gsa Hoard Ngc Ms 62 $187.50
2007 P D Presidential Dollar Set From U.s. Mint Rolls $18.95

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Sun Dec 21 2014

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