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USA Coins Nickels

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1962 Plain And D Uncirculated Nickels 2 Coins $1.59
1921 Buffalo Nickel Indian Head Five Cents Light Full Horn A7 $1.74
1867 Shield Nickel With Rays In Very Fine Condition $55.00
40 Buffalo Nickles One Roll 1928 On One Side And A (d) Mint On The Other Face $16.00
1900 Liberty Nickel Full Details $9.99
1992 S Jefferson Nickel Pcgs Pr70 Dcam $98.44
Jefferson Nickels 1939-p,1939-d,1939-s Xf. $12.75
One Full Roll Us Silver War Nickels 40 Coins 35% Silver $70.23
1990 S Jefferson Nickel Ngc Pf69 Ultra Cameo $18.75
Lot Of 16 Silver War Nickels .90016 Troy Oz Of Silver $29.00
1970-s -1979-s Decade Of Proof Nickels Cameo Lot $19.99
1921-s Indian Head Buffalo Nickel $79.95
Silver Coin Lot Pre 1964 $2.00
1944 Jefferson Nickel--anacs Vf20--coin Split After Strike $145.00
1983 S - Gem Proof Jefferson Nickel From Proof Set - Deep Cameo $2.09
1968-s Uncirculated Nickel Nice Coin $0.99
1988 P Perfect Unc Jefferson Nickel Perfect $5.95
Lot Of 9 Buffalo Nickels 1920, 1924,1927,1930,1930-s,1935,1936,1936-s,1937 $9.00
2006 Return To Monticello Nickel P & D 2x5 2 Us Mint Rolls Free Shipping $10.50
1867 Shield Nickel Ag G $10.95
1954 Bu Jefferson Nickel $2.85
2007 P Bu Nickle Singles Monticello Design $1.49
1961-d Bu Nickel Nice Coin Check Scan $0.99
2000-d Jefferson Nickel--struck 60% Off Center--has Date $45.00
1936-p,d,s Circulated (f) Buffalo Nickels. Full Dates. Free Shipping. $7.75
1920 Buffalo Nickel $0.05
Lot Of Ten - Buffalo Indian Head Nickels Mixed Date Coins Full Dates Circulated $9.95
1918-d Anacs F Buffalo 5c $60.00
2005 Westward Journey Nickel Rolls P And D $0.99
1937 Buffalo Nickel Nice Coin (1801) $0.99
2006 D Bu Nickle Singles Monticello Design $1.49
2005 S Jefferson Nickel Ocean View Ngc Pf 69 Ucam #2044 $24.50
2005p Sms Westward Expansion Bison Jefferson Nickel-ngc Graded Ms67 $20.00
★ 1936-d Buffalo Nickel 5c - Gem Bu - Rare Ms Coin ★ $137.75
2004 Keelboat Nickel P & D 2v8 Westward 2 Us Mint Rolls Free Shipping $13.00
1928-s Buffalo Nickel Indian Head Five Cents Nice Full Horn D25 $1.85
1910 Liberty Nickel Very Good Condition $1.85
1962 Bu Uncirculated Nickel $0.99
1961-d Perfect Unc Jefferson Nickel Perfect $12.95
1913 Buffalo Nickel In Very Good Condition. Five Cents On Raised Ground $13.00
1953-d Uncirculated Nickel $0.99
1964-d Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel........#4263 $1.10
2000-d Jefferson Nickel--has Date--struck 90% Off Center $49.00
Lot Of V & Buffalo Nickels,wheat Cents,foreign Coins, Rings,siver Cert.etc $20.00
1963-d Bu Nickel $0.99
1913 D Type One, This Is A Very Nice & Clear Full Date Coin $24.99
40 Buffalo Nickles One Roll 1923 On One Side And A 1937 On The Other Face $15.99
2006-p And 2006-d Nickels One Each Uncirculated $0.99
2004 Peace Medal Nickel P & D 2u8 Westward 2 Us Mint Rolls Free Shipping $18.00
1964-p Gem Proof Jefferson Nickel..#4228 $1.95
Jefferson Nickel--struck 90% Off Center $16.00

Website Where Found

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