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World Coins Australia, Oceania

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Palau 2008 Grey Reef Shark Dollar Colour Coin,prooflike $29.50
Australia 1919 Kgv One Penny Coin Vf $6.00
0ne Ounce Fine Silver 99.9 Uncirculated One Dollar $65.00
New Zealand 1943 Shilling Xf Km-9 $28.00
Australia 1995 Munbat 10 Dollars Silver Coin,proof $79.50
Villa Mysteries Pompeii Fresco 9 Silver Coin Set 1$ Niue 2011 $2499.95
Palau 2007 Tropical Fish Dollar Colour Coin,prooflike $29.50
Australia 1960 Qeii One Shilling Silver Coin Aunc $12.00
New Zealand 1957 1 2 Penny Choice Bu Km-23.2 $12.00
Australia 1934 Kgv One Penny Coin Aextf $6.00
Australian New 20c Coins International Woman's Day 1911-2011 $0.99
Pitct Is. 2010 2$ Melanocetus Johnsonii - Deep Sea Fish $149.99
1944 Australia Large Penny Rare Uncirculated Condition Look $0.99
Australia 1916 I Penny Bronze Coin Aunc $9.99
New Zealand 1943 6 Pence Choice Au Km-8 $35.00
1 Oz Silver Lunar 2010 Year Of The Tiger $69.00
Australia 1966 Round 50c X5, Superb Coins. $80.00
Australia 2003 Volunteer 1oz Colour Silver Coin,proof $98.00
Lunar Silver Coin Series Ii 2012 Year Of The Dragon Gilded Edition Zodiac $124.95

Website Where Found

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Sun Nov 23 2014

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